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RE: [MOL] The Fifties,Lillian

Title: RE: [MOL] The Fifties,Lillian

I do have a wonderful family, Chris.  My younger brother says it's because all of us siblings got together in Heaven and chose our parents.  If we did, we did one fine job!!  They're the absolute best people I've ever known.  Funny, kind, smart, talented -- just wonderful.  Do you remember how quiet it used to be when it had snowed heavily and there was a full moon?  It was like daylight -- like walking on cotton, and you could hear sounds from blocks away!  I remember the crystals in the air, and the way my nose would freeze shut sometimes!  LOL  Now, I don't like snow at all.  I used to love it, too.  Maybe if we try, we can get some of that magic back?  Love, Kathy

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Sounds like you have a wonderful family, Kathy.  Clever sister too!

I agree about the seasons.  As an adult the winter doesn't spark the love it
once did.  As a child the magical snowflakes meant days off and sledding to
our heart's content.  We built snowmen and dressed them in our parents' good
clothing....another ouch!

Now it means shoveling, getting stuck, freezing to death...only the magic of
childhood can see all the pleasures of winter.  But then there are those who
never lose that piece of magic also.

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