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RE: [MOL] Irish Blessing 2/11/99 ...sorry its late!

Dear Cori:  I recognized Greg's poems.  I hope he remembers and realizes how much they meant to all of us, and to him.  Your post made me cry, it was so lovely.  Love, Kathy
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Dear Carla - Don't let that happen again - EVER --- we sure miss your blessings.  Just kidding kiddo - keep them coming when you have the time. And thanks for your kind words about my reply to Greg - (as well as Lillian and Kathy)...the poems were taken from Greg's own website so you no doubt have read them in the past...I just hope we can all help him to keep having faith and hope and not to give up....Love. Cori.

Carla wrote:

 Your morning Scots-Irish blessing:
                            May your troubles be less
                            And your blessings be more.
                            And nothing but happiness
                            Come through your door.