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Re: [MOL] The Fifties,Kathy

Title: RE: [MOL] The Fifties,Lillian
"Step on the crack and you break your mothers back"  Remember/
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Chris:  I couldn't agree with you more.  The summers when I was a child seemed to go on forever -- and I can still remember how they smelled!  Sometimes I would just lie under a tree and look at the sky for the longest time.  Sometimes, I'd put a puppy on my chest so I could smell puppy breath, eat oranges, and read and read.  We would go to the movies on Wednesdays sometimes, but definitely every Saturday.  I'd walk over to see my friend, and take forever to get there because I looked at every single tree, crack in the sidwalk, flower, insect, etc., and wondered what I was doing here.  It was great, but of course, being children, we didn't really know that, did we?  Thank God I can still remember it all.  It would be so sad to lose it.  Thanks for bringing back those memories, friends.  Love, Kathy

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Yup Lillian.  I personally think children have way too much structured play
now.  Their time at daycare is all structured and then go home to eat, bathe,
and go to bed.  They no longer have "summer vacation" anymore.  I remember
living for summer!!!!  Now kids have to go somewhere (other than home and
neighborhood friends) for summer recreation and supervision.  In my time, a
bunch of kids dreamed up a million ways to have fun, nearly all of them safe
and legal....

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