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Re: [MOL] GREG!!!

Dearest Greg,
I am one of those people Carla was talking about. We used to talk to each
other thru I-Ming. Miss our talks. Miss you. Today I was reading my 400 e-
mails and saw your mail. Gosh, Kido, you sure sound down. And, when I read or
should I say reread you poems, I cried again. Greg, YOU ARE Loved and you
helped me so much. Your love rang all the way down south here in New Orleans.
I understand what you meant about seeing things in the eyes of our loved ones.
Been there. Done that. Sure we see sadness in the eyes of those who love us.
No one wants to see someone sick. But being sick doesn't mean we want get
well. You know that, because we talked about that. We need help now, because
we are sick. But, one day we will be able to give back all that love and help.
I used to cry, because I couldn't clean my house or even take a bath, because
the chemo made me so sick and weak. But you know what, my husband said that
the house wouldn't fall down and that it would be there when I got back all my
strength. So, the boys and my husband cleaned, Not like I used to do it, but
they did it for me. The sun is shinning and I am rambling on. Sorry.
Anyway, Now I feel like I will feel better soon and I'll have to clean this
stinking house again. LOL. What I'm trying to say Greg, is tomorrow is another
day and we have to keep telling ourselves we will get better. We will go on.
Greg we love you, and you have always been in my prayers and will always be me
friend. Please try not to be so down. Know we are with you always. 
Love you kido,
Judy Simonds
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