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[MOL] Thank you nancy

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for asking dear heart. You always think of others. Sometimes I

get concerned that you are a Mother Teresa and don't take care of


Well my eyes, lets see how can I say this. Yes, I can see a lot without

glasses, but not as good as I was hoping. But I am impatient and it does

take time. For instance since the surgery causes trauma there will be

some fuzziness or blurriness for a while. But I wanted to see this

perfect overnight. The eyesight right now is 20-40 which is great, but

needs to go to 20-20 and that will take time as well, for some things

are difficult to read or see. but overall I am very pleased. Thanks for

asking. How are your eyes?

God Bless




> Hi Marty,

> I'm going to try the Pear dessert.  What I want to know is how are the eyes,

> did the surgery work like you wanted it to?

> Love you,

> Nanc :-)


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>  DEar Lil,


>  tomorrow wont be so easy. Tomorrow is pizza day. So I will post in three

>  parts but in one e-mail. The marinara, the topping, the bread crust or

>  base. Thanks for support.


>  God Bless

>  marty

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