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[MOL] Family Renal Cell Carcinoma

My father was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma (Grawitz Tumour) in Feb
1998 and died in May that year. In July 1998 my mother was also diagnosed
with a Grawitz Tumour and then had a radical nephretomy soon after and it is
yet unclear as to whether she has a distant spread to a lung. As my parents
were naturally not blood related, it this just an amazing coincidence that
an elderly married couple concurrently develop the same tumour on the same
organ? Although impossible to verify, what about environmental or toxic
factors ? Both my parents shared some of the known risk factors for this
type of tumour, such as obesity (both, although mild to moderate), smoking
(my father) and hypertension (my mother) - furthermore they have been
residing for 15 years near an industrial zone with petroluem and
pharmoceutical factories near by. Myself at age 9 suffered from a hung left
kidney which was rectified by a nephropecty (? I think this is the term). In
short, there is certainly some form of 'bad karma' regarding 'kidneys' in my
family which has alerted my to periodic examination for any masses that may
be developing in myself. However, I am more concerned about the phenomenal
occurence of this tumour in both my parents - As a psychologist, I am aware
of  complicated bereavement in a surviving partner who are known to develop
symptoms similar to the deceased partner - but I cannot accept this notion
as a plausable explain for something as a complex as cancer. Can any readers
please respond to my story and offer any comments which could even slightly
demystify this unfortunate and distressing family health problem.

many thanks Tullio
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