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[MOL] Carla the Plumber!! :-)

What an event!!  This morning I got up and I took my gold necklace into the bathroom to put on as I was ready to leave and I picked it up and ...down the sink it went...!!  This meant alot to me and I was heartsick..  Well the bathroom sink doesn't have one of those lift out plugs and there was nothing I could do, but leave for my doctors appointment...  I stressed and stewed over it and then I realized that not only could I, but would I take the sink apart!!
After dinner tonight.. I went in search of a bucket, towel, flashlight and yes... a pipe wrench...  Oh I was feeling so very proud of me... and I trudged into that bathroom opened the doors and cleaned out the "stuff".. Once that little organizational task was complete.. I spread out the towel.. spotted the flashlight,  grabbed my wrench and went to work!
I turned and nothing and turned and nothing and turned and turned and turned...  Not  one to become daunted over minor details.. I went in seach of another thing-a-ma-bobble that looked like it would turn...  It was at the other side of the gooseneck..  I put that wrench on it and low and behold it turned...  Yes!!  I was on my way...  Once I got that one loose I was able to get the other one off and dumped the gooseneck in the bucket and there was my necklace!!  Yes!!  Ace Plumber and happy heart...!!
Then I went to put the sink back together.... :-(   .....  Everything was kattywampus and after alot of work.. I had it back together.. turned on the water and.. swoosh!!!  water, water and more water!!  Once again I took it apart and started over again...  there was this funny little round rubber thing that I couldn't figure out where to put it.. I had it everywhere!! ROTFLOL!! 
So I called my friends house and spoke with her husband Bill.. He said he would come over, but I said.. just try to help me by phone.. I just know I can do this..  He said it would be hard to tell me where the rubber thingy (seal) went without seeing it..  Well, we gave it a whirl and I got it back together and no water from the gooseneck.... !!!  Yeah....  Instead it came from the back wall.. Now I hadn't even gone in there!!  So Bill came over..
Seems the sink needed to be cleaned out anyway...  Now if you have never had this experience.. let me tell you that we should all be forced to buy biodegradable soap!!  You wouldn't believe what this stuff looks like after it hangs out and joins up with more in the drain!!!  It is ugly!!!  Yuck!  Next, you should never put hair down a drain... it is very intersting with sludge!!
Oh well, he also discovered that a seal was broken and the first thing I found was the hot glue gun.. but we routed around and found a sealer.. A new one would be cheap, but at 9:00.. not easy to come by in rural america....  It is all back together, but there is a drip once in a while from the gooseneck.. This means I need to go buy another rubber gasket and start all over again!!
Please learn from me... Don't put your jewelry on by the sink drain... and wear rubber gloves if you are going to go deep sea diving in drain sludge!!  I look like I rebuilt an engine!!
Well my friends.. I am over/past my bed time....  So this is your favorite plumber signing off!!  Love and hugs, Carla