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Re: [MOL] Which Doctor?

 Has your OB-GYN ever noticed anything out of the normal parameters in your
thyroid panel ( decreased motility with hypothyroidism ) or electroytes (
Paralytic ileus with electrolyte imbalances leading to partial bowel
obstructions )?Also infections can sometimes have complications that lead to
obstructions or other problems . Right sided CHF with the constipation or
decreased motility related to another cause or even some gynecological
problems are a possibility .
You get the idea that the possibilities go on and on , because though one
might assume the current symptoms are related , it is also possible that they
are co-existing and caused by seperate problems .All of these conditions would
present with other symptoms or signs that would become clearer when placed in
context . 
 In any event you made the right decision to see the Doctor that is the most
familiar  with your present and past history . He / She would be able to
recognize the  reasonable course to follow and order tests or referals if
needed to help you feel better and maintain your health .  I hope it is
something , and it could be , as simple as a poor diet and gas.
Take care and Hang tough
Joseph Cane
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