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Re: [MOL] Which Doctor?

Hi Mam,
Hey!  That's OK.  My Mother sometimes got goofed up, and would not go for 3
days, but then visiting Nurse's then will have her take a stool softner, and
only let her gon one more day.  Then it's time for suppositories, if that
didn't work then a enema.  Not that we have her on the right meds for herand
the right diet, she normally has a bowl movement after each meal, not to hard
and not to soft.  It sure seems good to have her at this point, regular, no
runs and no constipation.  Sometimes you just don't find that.  And I know
what you mean, but our Doctor will not let us go beyond 3 days before he does
something.  I do know the right diet means alot. I like you to butt in.
Love ya,
Nanc :-}

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 Date:	2/10/99 3:22:18 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Wayne & Marianne Rose)
 G'day Nance,
 Couldn't help putting in my two cents worth here. It is not necessary to
 have a bowel movement everyday for good health. Some people only have
 one every two or three days. I do admit that 7-10 days seems excessive
 and should be investigated, as should any ongoing diarrhea or
 constipation. As long as your stools are soft and easily passed and you
 have no pain, there is a wide variation of 'normal'.
 Much love, Mam

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