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RE: [MOL] Kathy

Title: RE: [MOL] Kathy

Thanks, Nanc, for going to all that trouble, but it really helps put faces with people.  Love, Kathy

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Hi Kathy,
Some of these I don't remember cause they were here when I was new, I'll take
tham one at a time;
 Bob and Paula,
I believe their last name was Appleton, and Bob died last year, Paula pops
back now and then.
George and Sue; 
I can't remember who they are.
Sally and Charlie;
Yes Charlie left us, and Sally is just so sweet, Charlie sang and played in a
band, that even played overseas.
I'm not sure what Betty that was, Lil should know.
Sheila Lloyd;
Her Father came to live with her in OK from TX and died of lung cancer, she is
signed off, but also pops in once in awhile.  I met her in OK last summer.
MaryAnne;  & John Montgomery
Mary Ann is a sweetheart, we met them in Ohio last fall, with lesnpeg, and
Can't remember his last name, he died of cancer.
He is 39 with 7 kids, I think all under 12.  He had brain cancer, and signed
off when he thought it came back.  He is the one that started the Web Site MOL
Photo Album, that I am hoping to get up and running again soon.  The Software
I need is Microsoft Front Page and runs about $140.00, I'm trying to find out
if I have to pay for the air space, if so I can't afford to do it.  He lives
in the UP of Michigan
She's our one and only squeeky voice sweetheart.  She lives in New York.
I sent Disc's to Lil with 66 Pictures on them.  All of the Mols, or their
Love you,

<< Hi, Nanc:  I don't know who some of these people are -- and I'm sure
 old timers and were on line before I got here.  I don't know Bob and Paula,
 although I think I've seen posts from her a few times;  I don't know George
 and Sue, or Sally and Charlie, although I think Charlie left us, didn't he?
 Of course, I know who Joicy is -- she's so cute! -- but I don't know who
 Betty is or Sheila Lloyd.  I don't know MaryAnne -- or Jim.  I haven't met
 the Ross family, I don't think, and I'm curious about the "Martha" in the
 picture with John Lehner and MaryAnne.  That's not Martha Ceretto, is it?
 Everyone else, I know -- and there was a bunch of them!!!  LOL  -- Thanks,
 again.  Love, Kathy >>
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