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RE: [MOL] The Fifties,Musicals

Title: RE: [MOL] The Fifties
Frank:  You're right -- it was a great time for musicals.  When I was about 10, I think, a big musical came out starring Danny Kaye.  It was about Hans Christian Anderson and, in fact, that was the title of the movie.  The story line didn't remotely resemble the truth, but the movie had wonderful music written by Frank Loesser, one of my favorite composers, who also wrote the music for "Guys and Dolls."  That was a big summer -- we heard that music everywhere!  I also loved "Kismet," and "Kiss Me Kate."  Tony Curtis wasn't my favorite actor, although I did like him.  Charlton Heston was one of my favorites and, of course, James Dean when I got a little older -- like about 13!  I think I saw "East of Eden" five or six times.  I watched it about a year ago for the first time since then.  The acting was so overdone, it was abominable.  Dean was still good, but Raymond Massey was laughable.  Acting styles have changed so much -- along with everything else.  Heavy sigh.  Love, Kathy
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the 50,s where a great time for musical movies,I was a kid and went to the drive inn with my folks.Greensleeves was the song,I think it was Heidi.Then there was my favorite..(4 Bridges to Cross) tony curtis  Frank
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Hi, Chris:  I think that's why I did so much babysitting when I was a teenager -- little brats your age!!!  LOL  It was because everyone had a TV set, and once I got the chitlins to bed, I could watch whatever I wanted!  I can still remember some of the movies I saw then.  Ask me what happened last week -- I don't know.  Ask me the name of a movie I watched on a black and white TV set when I was 12 years old and I can tell you -- plus who was in it!!  Too weird.  Love,  Kathy

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> I don't think I even saw a real television set until I was about 8.
>  My father owned a radio station, so we didn't buy one until I was 16.  He
>  finally admitted television was here to stay!  Boy, did I get off the
>  subject!  Enough rambling -- back to work.  LOL  Love, Kathy 
We got our first TV when I was very small, but don't remember that one.  My
mother said it was such a tiny screen you had to sit right in front to see it.
But I don't recall a time in our home without TV -- I do remember neighbors
coming over to watch ours though.
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