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[MOL] Translate Your Web-Site into: Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

If Your Business or personal Web-Site is only viewable in 
English, You are missing the boat on sales or providing 
information via a global Web-Site or Web-Page.
AAA Technologies can translate Your Web-Site into: Spanish, 
German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.
Japanese will be added to this package next month and this 
package will be priced higher, but those who contract our 
services during the next five business days will have the 
Japanese translation added to their site for free.
If You are looking for much greater global exposure, this is a 
killer package.
	To Check out a sample Web-Site just give Us a call and We 
will give You a URL.
 In this example , You simply Click on any of the flags and view 
the site in that language.
	We can make it happen for You or Your Business too.
Pricing  for the five language package is around $5K for a small 
business site. $10-$25K for a medium or large site.  Just one or 
two pages, $499.00-$999.00.  We also can do Web Hosting (Our 
advanced server automatically allows Your site to be viewed in 
seven different languages(including Japanese and Korean) with 
pricing from $500-$1500 monthly with six month and 12 month 
discountcontracts available depending on site size ) and 
Maintenance on Our Secure Servers. We can mirror Your site on  
Our server for foreign language service if You wish to remain on 
another webhost  server.
	But don't Wait, AAA  Technologies is only taking on a 
small number of new clients at this time and I don't want to have 
to ask You to call back in a couple of months.  I really don't 
like to have to do that. 
	So give Us a call at: 1-800-242-0363 ext.2427  and leave 
Your name, phone number, e-mail address, URL(address of Your 
web-site) and a good time to contact You and We will get back to 

						Best Regards,
						General Manager
						AAA Technologies

	We also list Your site with the appropriate foreign 
search engines at no additional charge. 

Please Do Not Reply By E-Mail !

If You Recieved This Ad a second Time, We appologize 
for any inconvience We may have caused You.

The Anti-Democratic forces on the internet are making
it real tough on small commercial advertising services,
small startup businesses, and free marketing all over
the world. News of new goods and services will be 
increasingly channeled thru the large and multinational
companies that are exerting more control and intimadation
everyday. If You want to get Your product or service or
 idea out to people, You had better be ready to pay their
price, plus a nice piece of Your action and hard work.
Just doesn't sound like Democracy to Us.

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