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RE: [MOL] The Fifties - christmas story

Title: RE: [MOL] The Fifties - christmas story

Chris:  You must have been so tiny to remember that!  We had one of those -- a huge wooden thing with a tapestry over the speaker.  We used to lie down in front of it and draw pictures and listen to Sky King, the Lone Ranger, Jack Armstrong, Straight Arrow --- the list goes on and on.  We would do this after school while my mom was making dinner.  At night we would all listen to the Whistler, the Shadow, Inner Sanctum, Boston Blackie (I loved this one!), Mystery Theater, Richard Diamond -- here I go again!  I learned to crochet very intricate little lace patterns when I was seven years old, because I could sit and listen to the radio and do it.  I still can't remember what happened last week, though!!  LOL Love, Kathy

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>   I think "Christmas Story" was set in the middle forties or very early
fifties, because there was no television in evidence, and he was listening to
Little Orphan Annie.  That was even before MY time -- so I think we're talking
the middle forties. 

You're right Kathy, but I remember the big old radio at my Grandparent's
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