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RE: [MOL] Which Doctor?

Title: RE: [MOL] Which Doctor?

Hi -- I don't think that's a bad approach -- to let your OBGYN recommend someone -- just be sure he sends you to a specialist.  Also, be sure he checks you out thoroughly, too.  You could be having female problems.  I sympathize with you, and wonder why you've suffered for so long without doing something.  I suggest you ask the doctor for something to improve your bowel habits, too.  My husband had an intestinal abcess a couple of weeks ago.  He was in severe pain, but everything is okay.  You definitely should be checked for colon cancer, though.  Try not to panic -- this doesn't mean you have it! Good luck.  You'll get better advice than this -- I promise.  We have some very smart people here.  Kathy in Boise

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I've been having severe intestinal cramping (not normally followed by a
bowel movement) for the last several months.  My bowels habits have not been
the best (one bowel movement every 7-10 days) for as long as I can remember.
Given the intense pain in my mid-section that I've been experiencing lately,
I'm thinking that something is terribly wrong.  What kind of physician
should I consult for this matter?  I have a habit of going to my OB-GYN and
letting him recommend a physician. (In fact, I have an appointment in two
days with him.)  Is this a good approach?

Any help ASAP would be appreciated.
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