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[MOL] Frank your Wife is very smart, and Loves you much........

Hi Frank,
Your Wife is so right and I'm in the same boat as her.  Don has a bad heart
and the Doctor cut us off, I handle it just fine, cause I'm so happy to just
have him, and any why that he is, I love him and other things doesn't matter.
I don't want to see him in pain though.  You just hang in there, your a good
Love ya,
Nanc :-}

<< My doctor told me this."You are still young,you have 15 or more years
 left.Your cancer is located in a small area.There is no sign that it has
 left the prostate area.My advice to you would be to GET RID OF IT.So far
 other treatments are not that reliable.The same went for my right kidney.I
 had rcc.It was large and growing (Tumor)Lets get rid of it.Why take the
 chance with other treatments that may or may not work. Now everyone has to
 make up their own minds as to the type of treatment they want to have.That
 was my choice,and I feel the best one.Now I am no longer the STUD,I used to
 be,but I am still alive,and my wife feels that being together is moe
 important then sex.Frank Cromie
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