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[MOL] The Fifties

Title: The Fifties

Kathy butting in here. I remember the early fifties from a child's perspective, too!  I think "Christmas Story" was set in the middle forties or very early fifties, because there was no television in evidence, and he was listening to Little Orphan Annie.  That was even before MY time -- so I think we're talking the middle forties.  Things seemed to me to be like that when I was really little -- in sepia!  LOL  I can remember the snow suits that were so thick if you fell down, you were like a beetle on its back -- trying to get up like the little brother!  I can also remember the itchy brown long stockings and the horrible garter belts that pinched, especially on cold mornings.  I remember my parents listening to Martin Agronski (sp), a newscaster, every morning, and how I hated his voice, because I was always cold!!  I don't think I even saw a real television set until I was about 8.  My father owned a radio station, so we didn't buy one until I was 16.  He finally admitted television was here to stay!  Boy, did I get off the subject!  Enough rambling -- back to work.  LOL  Love, Kathy 

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> Ahhh Chris, we are speaking just before the Hippies and the Viet Nam
>  War..... See, we are even older than you though!  HAHA !love, lillian

Ok, the 50s...born 1952 so I remember the 50s well, but from a child's point
of view, like the boy in "Christmas Story".  I probably am about the
age/memory level of your younger siblings. 

What I recall of the 50s is "family time" -- watching alot of TV together as a
family, and my father yelling quite often that we kids watched too much TV.
The drive-ins you all were going to with dates, I was going to with my parents
and younger sister.  They were terrific and I feel sad to see them
disappearing across the country, like an old, friendly dinosaur.
My mother used to pack picnic baskets for the movies with all our favorite

I recall all the TV westerns I loved so much, Popeye, Mickey Mouse,  Howdy
Doody, Disney, Captain Kangaroo, and one that most people don't remember:
BERTIE, THE BUNYIP (a puppet show) with characters like Sir Guy de Guy and
Fussy and Gussy.  Even the commercials were fun because you saw your favorite
stars in them: Ricky & Lucy, Sally Starr, The Lone Ranger....and some were
animated like the Bryl Cream
commericals "...little dab'll do ya!".  I just loved the little convertible
the guy drove to show off his hair and impress his girlfriend.

The only "rough" period I can recall of the 50s is very small.  I remember
seeing my Uncle John in his naval uniform before and after his stint in Korea
and the fear in my Grandparent's eyes and voices.  They already had one son
who served in WWII (my Dad) and was glad he came home safely, but now faced
more worry...

But my Dad has different recollections too.  He worked at Bethlehem Steel
during that time and there was violence there during the "strike years"; men
were beaten and some shot to death! Very similar to the coal mining days 100
years ago in the northern areas of Pennsylvania where the Irish rebelled with
groups such as the "Molly Maguires."

Ok, won't go on anymore.
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