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In a message dated 2/9/99 9:00:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, firefly@islc.net
> Oh Chris, you stopped too soon.  I mean like do I know Bethlehem Steel.  

Oh>  and Sally Starr, I haven't heard her name in a long time.  As kids we
would hide behind the bushes accross the steet from her house and watch all
the men going and comming, she ran a red light house.  Did you know that?   
	NO! I DIDN'T! WOW!  She was my superhero as a kid...well at least I know she
was good at what she did...

I did not know about the Molly Maguires and will need to reasearch that period
in time. 
>From the Northern PA area (including Lehighton!).  They were a very brave
bunch of men who worked the coal mines and rebelled against the work dangers
and abuses by the owners of the mines.  They were primarily Irish, thus the
name Molly Maguires.


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