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Re: [MOL] Hi Sister Nanc

Hi Sis,
I guess the Father wants nothing to do with the child, I bet he would if he
knew there was money from SS if he did.  Sandi's Aunt asked her to bring him
home with her Temporaly, so she may want to raise him, I really think that
Mother is a little old for a 1 year old, he would make adjustments to living
with Sandi, but then who's to say that Sandi will live longer then her Aunt.
I guess it is in God's hands right now.  Thanks sis but I didn't need a bigger
head, LOL  Don't train anyone to fill your slot, I don't want to lose you for
a long time, OK........:-)
Love ya,
Nanc, your loving sister :-}

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<< Yes; but legally the father has rights even though he was not married to
 Cricket.  I agree Sandi sounds like the best person; but after the father
 Crickets mom has rights.  But then perhaps everyone will just let Sandi do
 the job, a sad situation; but I think Sandi has the heart and will do a good
 I am glad that you are so happy to be a MOL angel and I think you are doing
 a wonderful job at it Nanc, there's just that something very special about
 you that's different from the rest of us.  We all have our own strengths,
 are so different and if one doesn't help a person, then another Moler will
 be able too.  A great set you, lil
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