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Martha!  That's such good news!  It reminds me of the nice people at my center.  I still have to go in every three months, but if I make it okay for another year, I'll only have to go in every six months.  At least we don't have to go in for MRIs every time -- right?  I hate those.  They make my back hurt.  It sounds like you're doing great, my friend, but I don't know about your language.  "Oh, pooh," is pretty strong stuff!!!  LOL  Love, Kathy

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Dear Molers,

Well, so far, so good.  In December when my oncologist added Zoladex to my
Aredia and Ariminex, one tumor marker was 218.  In January it went down to
156.  So, I would like to think that I made a very good decision in changing
hospitals to Sloan and that this doctor's treatment plan is working and
stuff is going away!

I will have the CAT scans and a bone scan.  At Sloan, they have, at least at
the breast center, a lot of very nice, well presented young girls who do the
clerical work.  They do a good job; they call people they know by their
first names, will chat and in general, try to normalize the experience of
going there, like it was no different than getting your teeth cleaned or
picking up the laundry.

I sat down with one tonight to make appts. for my scans.  She said well, we
can't make the CAT scan appts. yet; it's too late in the day.  I said, "Oh,
pooh,"  and stamped my foot.  She looked confused.  She scheduled my bone
scan and said, if I can, do you want the CAT scan on the same day?"  I said,
"I don't want either of them on any day."  She looked more confused; I said
"oh, pooh" a few more times in the course of conversation, and told her I'd
call her in the morning.

The doctor said I look pretty good and maybe if the CAT scans look good, I
could change to get them every six months instead of every 4 months.  That
makes me very happy!

I will try not to be so scared; I am very hopeful and prayful that they will
show good news.

I will go back to bother the ENT on Thursday.

All my love to you all,


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