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Re: [MOL] from greg/reply

Hi Greg,
You read Lil's letter over again and consider it coming from me, cause I feel
the same way.  Shona enjoyed being there and here for you.  Will you continue
haveing the same e-mail address that we can post to you, or have your sister
just post to one of us privately and that person can let the forum know how
you are doing, I really hate to be completely cut off from you, and I think
you probably really don't want to be cut off all together either.  God Bless
you and help you with your choices.
Love and Prayers to you,

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 Date:	2/8/99 8:53:39 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (firefly)
 Dear Greg:  I can see your first e-mail to the MOL FOrum as though it was
 yesterday.  I watched you grow through this metal box.  I watched your
 sadness, heard your joyfulness and listenened to your inner beauty.  And
 with you and through you I have grown also, does that sound like a burden?
 I think not!  I think it sounds more like a deep respected love between
 human's that God has led to one another.  My prayers will always walk beside
 you friend and may only happiness be behind every door you knock upon. But a
 burden, I think not my friend, a blessing yes!  Lovingly, lillian
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 Subject: [MOL] from greg
 >hi,, i just wanted to say goodbye to all of you.  i'm sunsubscribing, i no
 mlonger want to be a  burden to anyone, especially my sister sinc ethe baby

 is due soon.
 >thank you for praying, for being there.  i will always have you i n my
 heart.  love to you all, greg

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