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Re: [MOL] The 'END'??????/from PJ

Bravo, PJ!  And to Krystal, I agree with PJ completely!!!!!  In the beginning,
shock sets in and you grapple with belief and disbelief of reality.  To keep
your mind intact, you try to accept what the doctors imply is reality.  All I
want to add, is that even on the outside chance that they could be right, make
the most of every minute!  If they are wrong (as I believe they usually are;
they bet on the downside so you can't come back and say " never told
us..." ) make the most of every minute!

And PJ is right about prayers too!!!!  I believe that God hears prayers,
particularly those of groups of people that storm Heaven.  We certainly have a
large group of people here who pray.  People of a variety of faiths and
denominations so that God may be hearing prayers for your mom in every
language in every faith around the world!  Isn't that a bright thought?
My father's lung cancer has shrunk remarkably since it was first discovered.
That's not only my prayers -- but the prayers of those here who are suffering
their own journeys but were kind and generous enough to include my pain in
their own prayers.

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