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[MOL] Teenagers hypogonadism

A teenager has hypognadism , the caryotype test was positive , nothing
wrong was found .
Before he was 16 years Old everything was normal . 
Suddenly the normal functionning of the hypophyse stopped
the  , FSH ,LSH , testosterone are very low in the blood .
The IQ is good.
the doctors say that the hypophyse is lazy .
His treatement consists of HUMEGON and PREGNYL , one syringe of each every
4 weeks .
Of course these are substitute hormones.

1- Is there any treatement to restore normal functionning ??

2- what are the latest breakthrough in this specific domain .
3 -I'd also like to know if the substitute hormones can cause any kind of
health problems , Cancer to be specific , and which parts of the body are
affected .

Thank you for your concern , And for the Web Site .
Please reply soon .

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