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G'day and welcome John.
Thank you for telling us your story, It seems the good Lord isn't quite
ready for you yet!
I am glad you are helping others with cancer, no-one quite understands
like someone who has been there, do they?
Look forward to hearing from you again,
Wayne and Mam

John Pringle wrote:

> After lurking here for a couple of weeks and from the gentle nudge of
> Chris R. here I am.
> January 20, 1997 2:30pm  Office of Dr. Robin Adams  He slid a chair up
> next to and looked me straight in the eye and said "John it is bad
> have lung cancer". At that point  I had malignant pleural
> effusion.  Three weeks latter I got out of the hospital.  All of the
> fluid was gone but I was left with two nsclc tumors in my right lung.
> By this time I had lost 60 pounds and looked like something out of one
> of those W.W.II  camps.  I was a stage 4 and in a gentle and kind way
> it was suggested that I get my life in order.  I started with
> cisplatin and navelbine for 8 weeks.  Then switched to taxol while I
> took 8 weeks of radiation.  At the beginning of radiation I got a
> chance to look at my chart.  I was checked as palliative.  I am sure
> that al of you know what that means.  After the radiation I went back
> on navelbine and have bee taking it every week since. So why am I
> still here?  That is a question I try to answer all of the time.
> Unable to work a full time job I took a medical leave of absence.  Now
> I spend three days a week as a volunteer at the Charelton Methodist
> Cancer Center.  I work with those who are struggling with cancer and
> have been called to go to a patients room when they are first
> diagnosed.  I gain a lot of strength from this, being able to listen
> and talk  with other cancer patients.  Being able to show them that
> this cancer thing can be beaten.  Part of why I am still here is a
> multi part answer.  I have always had a very deep faith in God.  In
> the beginning when I was praying the rosary I always got stuck with
> the sorrowful mysteries.  The agony in the garden.  "not by my will
> but by yours". I could go on about faith and prayer for the next
> several hours.  The next part of  beating this was the support and
> love that was given by my wife, my priest, and my parish community.  I
> had to stay positive, there were just to many people fighting for me.
> Back in February of 1997 when I was in the hospital, I gave up and
> wanted God to take me home.  My wife (Mitzie) called our priest (Fr.
> Gerry) and boy did I get a talking to.  But it was what I needed.  I
> can see that I am starting to ramble on some what.
> Every thing has been going on quite well over the past two years,
> except for a few speed bumps.  The tumors are still in my lung but
> there has been no growth in them at all.  I was happy, and gave thanks
> that they were able to  keep all of this cancer under control.
> January 20th 1999.  I had my usual 4 month cat scan.  Spots on the
> brain.  Of course we ran at once to Fr. Gerry.  Well I got my feet
> back on the ground again, and look at this as just another hill to
> climb.  And between God, Mitzie, my parish, and Fr. Gerry we will make
> it to the top of this hill as we did with  the last one.
> Please feel free to ask any questions about treatments or what is
> going on now.
> Oh ya......We are now starting 6 weeks of radiation treatments.
> Peace
> John.........................

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