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Re: [MOL] The 'END'??????/from PJ

Dear Krystal

I too have a mom with cancer (colon). 
I too prepared myself for her death
I too felt so upset for her and for me when this happened to us


Your mom will survive cancer as long as she stays mentally focused.  The
people here can tell you that is a big part of beating this. My mom has stayed
on the wellnes track and she is beating it every day she is here.

Your mom will live a long and happy life. Just like my mom.  My mom was given
2 months in January 98 it's now Feb 99 and she is still here calling me up 20
times a day talking and yapping and giggling.

Please know you and your mom will be in our prayers and that we are here for

When bad thoughts enter my mind about this disease I ask God to take the bad
thoughts and turn them to good.

Krystal I have a 3 year old son and I'm an only child.  I use to feel
depressed and mad but I promised my self that I would do whatever I could to
help mom and to do the best I could to make her happy and to help her GET

So stay here and you will find answers to your questions.

Tell your mom that we are praying and praying for her.  I have said this
before and I'll say it again....the only good thing about cancer is that it
brings love to a new meaning.

I have loved my mom more and more each day and I'm thankful to have had the
last year with her and you know what I will have 20 years more of this.  Each
and every day to come I will tell her that I love her for the next 
20 years x 352 days =  A LIFETIME

Love You (((((HUGGSSSS))))))
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