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Re: [MOL] The 'END'??????

In a message dated 2/4/99 2:56:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
> Hi, my mother has level 4 lung cancer and I have delt with that and the
>  symptoms that come with it. She is at the early stages but I would like
>  to prepare myself, as much as possible, for her death. I would like to
>  know what she will be like emotionally and physically just before she
>  dies. I would appreciate any and all info on this subject.  Krystal

It just occurred to me that my Dad's lung cancer may be level IV if I recall
correctly.  The Dr. referred to it as "...advanced cancer" because he had some
in both lungs.  He is 75 years old and struggling through chemo with alot of
difficulty, BUT the cancer has shrunk remarkably and the newer growths in the
right lung were surgically removed in Sept.

I truly believe that God is always present everywhere and in every heart. He
offers His helping hands all the way down this road.  Lean on Him, Krystal --
not doctors, not statistics, not even religious doctrines, but on the Merciful
Heart of God, the One who created your mother and has a purpose and a timespan
for her life here.  Though all life is mortal and must come to an end, only He
knows how and when it will come; therefore make the most of every minute --
don't let your mother's cancer steal whatever time is left of YOUR life.  If
nature takes its course, you will outlive your mother; make memories now to
keep you warm for those long years ahead.  They will be good things to share
with your children and grandchildren and keep your mother's spirit present as
long as she is remembered.

Chris R.

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