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Hi John, thanks for the intro, glad to get to know you and certainly welcome you to our wonderful forum.  I think the beauty of this forum is:  that evryone can just be themselves, plain and simple and know that they are understood.  Take care, your friend, lillian
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Date: Thursday, February 04, 1999 12:40 PM
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After lurking here for a couple of weeks and from the gentle nudge of Chris R. here I am.

January 20, 1997 2:30pm  Office of Dr. Robin Adams  He slid a chair up next to and looked me straight in the eye and said "John it is bad have lung cancer". At that point  I had malignant pleural effusion.  Three weeks latter I got out of the hospital.  All of the fluid was gone but I was left with two nsclc tumors in my right lung.  By this time I had lost 60 pounds and looked like something out of one of those W.W.II  camps.  I was a stage 4 and in a gentle and kind way it was suggested that I get my life in order.  I started with cisplatin and navelbine for 8 weeks.  Then switched to taxol while I took 8 weeks of radiation.  At the beginning of radiation I got a chance to look at my chart.  I was checked as palliative.  I am sure that al of you know what that means.  After the radiation I went back on navelbine and have bee taking it every week since. So why am I still here?  That is a question I try to answer all of the time. Unable to work a full time job I took a medical leave of absence.  Now I spend three days a week as a volunteer at the Charelton Methodist Cancer Center.  I work with those who are struggling with cancer and have been called to go to a patients room when they are first diagnosed.  I gain a lot of strength from this, being able to listen and talk  with other cancer patients.  Being able to show them that  this cancer thing can be beaten.  Part of why I am still here is a multi part answer.  I have always had a very deep faith in God.  In the beginning when I was praying the rosary I always got stuck with the sorrowful mysteries.  The agony in the garden.  "not by my will but by yours". I could go on about faith and prayer for the next several hours.  The next part of  beating this was the support and love that was given by my wife, my priest, and my parish community.  I had to stay positive, there were just to many people fighting for me.  Back in February of 1997 when I was in the hospital, I gave up and wanted God to take me home.  My wife (Mitzie) called our priest (Fr. Gerry) and boy did I get a talking to.  But it was what I needed.  I can see that I am starting to ramble on some what.
Every thing has been going on quite well over the past two years, except for a few speed bumps.  The tumors are still in my lung but there has been no growth in them at all.  I was happy, and gave thanks that they were able to  keep all of this cancer under control.  January 20th 1999.  I had my usual 4 month cat scan.  Spots on the brain.  Of course we ran at once to Fr. Gerry.  Well I got my feet back on the ground again, and look at this as just another hill to climb.  And between God, Mitzie, my parish, and Fr. Gerry we will make it to the top of this hill as we did with  the last one.
Please feel free to ask any questions about treatments or what is going on now.
Oh ya......We are now starting 6 weeks of radiation treatments.