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[MOL] I've Fallen Behind

Hi, Kathy, I have gotten behind too, arranging and rearranging my schedules
for this month as I have been booked for a PET scan in Hamilton, Ontario.
Relatives visiting and cleaning house as well. My mom and dad are not well
right now and I am resident driver and shopper. Its been raining and windy
for most of January (45.4 mm) of rain here. February getting off to a good
start, a wind storm yesterday that put us in the black for a few hours and
another one expected today. Typical PNW winter. Lots of rainbows though
with the gusting winds, the sky changes constantly between rain, snow,
hail, sun. Good storm watching weather as the waves and mad surfers are a
treat to watch. Daffodils are coming up though! Glad to see you back though
I am trying to just lurk, Love, Jeanne

At 09:12 AM 2/2/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi, Everybody!  I've fallen behind in my posting.  Jerry's daughter came to
>visit on Sunday with her two children, and she's still with us.   The
>oldest, a little girl, is 4, and the little boy is barely a year.  They are
>SO ACTIVE!!!!  The baby is so sweet and good-natured, but he's into
>everything!  I had forgotten.  The little girl carried poor Button Michelle
>around all day long yesterday.  Finally, Button got very cranky and started
>growling and snapping.  She was exhausted.  This morning, though, she was
>her sweet, little self again.  Norman has been good -- he likes children.
>Guido has been a little grumpy, but mostly at Button.  I'm pooped today
>myself.  I came to work to rest!! LOL  Jerry has the day off today, and
>we'll see how he fares.  Anyway, I did a poor job of keeping up with my
>mail, because I was otherwise engaged.  I missed everybody, and I'm back!
>Love, Kathy C.
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