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Re: [MOL] In Memory of Claires Husband Walter!

Thank you for passing this on, Lil. I do remember Claire, and I feel so
sad for her. If you are in touch with her, please tell her that we pray
that her journey through grief is a gentle one. Much love

firefly wrote:

>  Dear Friends:  A former Moler "Claire" has just notified me that her
> husband died the early part of January.  I ask that his name be added
> to our prayer list PK.  Thanks.  I further ask that each moler take a
> moment to offer a prayer up for our Molers dearly beloved.  Many
> molers will remember Claires sweet loving ways.  Clair is no longer on
> line.  I reget to have to pass this on, first thing in the morning, in
> the beginning of a new week.  Your friend, lillian

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