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[MOL] Fw: astrocytoma brain tumor


Does anybody have any experience with this Noni Juice as far as using it and
finding that it does what it claims. I purchased a bottle of this Noni Juice
but didn't get any significant results.  Of course, I only drank one bottle
over a period of time not one bottle per day.  I would appreciate any
comments you might have.
Thanks jo from LA

Also, where might I find the chat room. Have looked with no luck.

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From: Grandtime@aol.com <Grandtime@aol.com>
To: Jo Siller <jsiller@bsf.net>
Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 9:14 PM
Subject: astrocytoma brain tumor

>You wrote:
><I have recently been diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor and have
>radiation to treat it.  The doctors said that there is no evidence that
>me Thalidomide would do any good to help eliminate the tumor so they
>not to continue on with any more radiation, chemotherapy or any other
>treatments.  They will just follow the tumor with MRI's. >
>Don't give up!!   A 32 year old man with brain cancer had his tumor shrink
>from the size of a baseball to the size of the tip of your thumb.  A 73
>old man had his brain tumor shrink to half its size.  Both took Tahitian
>Juice.  I will be sending yuu messages on this product soon.  Please keep
>open mind a look for them, print them and read them.
>If you took 1 bottle of this a day for 8 days, then 1/2 bottle a day for
>8 days, then continue tapering to 3 ounces daily, you could have the
>you seek.

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