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Re: [MOL] Nanc

Hi sweet daughter Christine,
I didn't get a chance to call my eye Doctor, Don goes tomorrow at 3:15pm.  The
heart cath showed nothing wrong, I'm keeping an eye on the blood pressure.  We
are home and very tired and I am going to go and rest for awhile.
Love you, 
Mom (Nanc)
You are right on everything, talk to you later.

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<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] Nanc
 Date:	1/31/99 7:49:51 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Christine White)
 Sorry to hear you are still having problems with your eyes. Let us know
 what the doc says on Monday. Keep an eye on that blood pressure. You know
 it can be a very serious problem. And poor Don with his eye too. You are
 sure keeping the doctors busy. Glad to hear your Mom is fine.
 I, too, am very concerned about Les. I was happy when his tumours shrank
 and guess I was not expecting this latest development. I will continue
 praying for him that he has the strength and desire to fight this disease.
 I can understand your fear for Don which surfaces whenever you see someone
 with the same diagnosis not doing well. I am the same. I just try to tell
 myself that no two people are alike and focus on those who are doing well.
 I know it is very difficult. I'm always thinking of you both.
 Love Christine
 At 11:43 PM 30/01/99 -0500, you wrote:
 >Hi Sister Lil,
 >Well, My eyes are giving me trouble, the one that was done first, is turning
 >black and blue in the corner by the nose, and the other is just watering
 >crazy, so I guess I'll call the Doc. on Monday.  Blood pressure yesterday at
 >rest was 174/90, last Tues. about the same, so when I go to the family
 >on the 8th. I'm sure he'll be putting me on medication for that, darn.
 >is doing fine.  I think she is in better health then Don or me.  LOL, who
 >would have thought that 5 years ago.  My friends Sister and I went out for
 >lunch today and we went to the Motel tonight to hug her good bye, she'll be
 >back this summer for her School class reunion.  Don, he is having problems
 >with his left eye, it is all swollen up and red, was on antibiotics for a
 >week, didn't help, 4 days on the drops he took while on chemo, no help, so
 >goes to the eye doctor MD on Tuesday to see what is going on with that.  I
 >always get scared that the cancer is kicking up.  It'll be a year since dx'd
 >on March 24th.  Les started out about the same as Don.  Sure doesn't look to
 >good for him, I talked to Peg twice in the past week.  Now!  When are you
 >going to fess up as to what is going on with you?  I'm waiting sweet Sis.
 >going out of town tomorrow afternoon and will be back Monday afternoon.  I'm
 >going to be with my x sister in law while she has her heart cath, it's her
 >first and she is afraid and asked me to be there.  We can see our ground
 >again, snow is still aroun in the piles from the snow plow.  It's still a
 >chilly though.
 >Love you Sis and thanks for asking,

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