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[MOL] Should be a part of evenyones daily wellness program

Good Morning My Friends,

While the following message is directed to men, there has been so much
written and discussed about the benefits of a daily exercise program for
all, men and women and children. Hope the following supports my view.

God bless
marty auslander

Vigorous Exercise Reduces Stroke Risk In Male Physicians

WESTPORT, Jan 11 (Reuters Health) - Using the criterion of sweat
as the measure of vigorous physical exercise, researchers with
the Physicians' Health Study report that vigorous exercise can
reduce stroke risk in men.  Dr.  Charles H. Hennekens and
associates at Harvard and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston,
Massachusetts, evaluated exercise and stroke risk in more than
21,800 male physicians during more than 11 years of follow-up.
Subjects had been randomized to receive aspirin alone, beta-
carotene alone, aspirin plus beta-carotene or placebo.  Age range
was 40 to 84 years of age.
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