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Good Morning My FRiends,

The following information is very important for those men who are
between the ages of say 45 to 70. A PSA, tumor marker, blood test is
essential each year to prevent or detect early stages of Prostate

Age A Stronger Predictor Of Curable Prostate Cancer Than PSA

WESTPORT, Jan 11 (Reuters Health) - A man's age is a stronger
predictor of curability in prostate cancer than prostate-specific
antigen (PSA) level.  That lends support for "...early detection
efforts in younger men" as a means of reducing prostate cancer
mortality.  Johns Hopkins researchers followed a consecutive
series of nearly 500 men with nonpalpable prostate cancer after
they underwent radical prostatectomy.  The investigators grouped
the men according to age into three groups--those between 40 and
50, those 51 to 60 and those 61 to 73 years of age--and into five
groups according to pretreatment PSA levels, which ranged from
2.5 ng/ml to greater than 10 ng/ml.

God Bless
marty auslander
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