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[MOL] Angelo

Hi Everyone,

Well, my family and I have had a couple of grueling days.  Last night
Angelo's sisters came over and after Angelo had gone in to lay down
they hit me with a bomb.  They infromed me that the family wants to
send Angelo somewhere for treatment.  THEY WENT BEHIND OUR BACKS TO
tell I'm am really having a hard time with this!  I tried to be '
nice and calm and tell them that if there was such a treatment out
there we would be there IF and only IF Angelo chose to do so!

Then they had the nerve to say that they would just TAKE HIM!  HA!
Over my dead body!  They will not force him to do anything he doesn't
want to do .  I really thought they had all come to accept this but
they were just being low key about for awhile.  

As soon as they left I called Angelo's older brother, who is also
the oldest of his 7 brothers and sisters.  He has always been there
for us through this whole ordeal and respects our feelings and
loves his brother enough to let him decide for himself without
pushing or making him feel guilty.  He was furious too.  He then
called his sister (the one who did most of the talking) and told
her to back off and respect Angelo's decision.  Well, she then 
called Angelo's mother and cried on her shoulder and then Angelo's
mom and dad show up at our house today ready for a fight!

I HATE this!  This is the last thing we need right now for God's
Sake!  When are they going to understand this?  His mother and I
exchanged a few words.  I have never raised my voice to her but I
did tonight.  She informed me that her and her daughters felt as
if I had given up on Angelo and that Angelo had given up on himself.
Well, things got a little heated and we shed a few tears.  The
part that upset me is that she brought all this up in front of
Angelo and upset him.  I could care less if they upset me, but
when they upset Angelo WATCH OUT!

I asked her if she could live with the guilt of sending Angelo
somewhere which he didn't want to go and letting them use him]
as a guinea pig,  poisoning him with treatments all over again
making him sick as a dog all over again, and then maybe not being
able to get him back home to his children?  She got a little
quiter then.  

I don't know if we made them understand or not and I'm to the
point where I don't care!  I'm SOOO tired of trying to explain
this disease to them.  

It just amazing me how none of his siters where around 9 months
ago when we werer going from treatment to treatment because according
to their mother, were busy with their own lives and now all of the
sudden they are up our butts.  

I hate that this is happening because things will never be the same
between his family and I or my children for that matter.  My oldest
daughter is soo upset and they would even suggest that we have given
up on her dad.   How dare they!  I don't want to alienize Angelo
from his family and I would never tell them that they couldn't see
him but it is going to be strained for sure now.  It's really a 
shame because now is when we sould all be pulling together not apart.

Poor Angelo just sat in his chair and cried!  He  told his mom that
he wanted everyone to be there to support me too not just him. I have
a terrific husband whom I love more than anything and I can't believe
they would think that I have give up on him.

Thanks for letting me vent.  
I love you all,
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