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Re: [MOL] adenocarcinoma stage 4/freefalling

First of all, there is no protocol for the mol-cancer forum, so relax and
know that this is a bulletin board that is full of wonderful people just
like you and your husband, who are on the cancering journey..

I am a cancer surivor of 15 months, adenocarcinoma, stage IIb.  They removed
my right lung, but they filled the gap with spirit.  The spirit of one who
wants to live and works hard at it.  It is the most important job that I
have ever had.

You have had others tell you that doctors are not God and they are not..  I
am sorry to hear that your husbands doctor is not providing the key
ingredient to life and that is hope.  None of us has any guarantees that we
will live tomorrow, cancer or not, but we all must have hope and faith that
we will.  When you do that is living the cancering journey as a cancering

There is a book that I strongly urge you to go get today and/or tomorrow,
and that is by Greg Anderson "Fifty Essential Things to Do When The Doctor
Says It is Cancer".. This will give you and your husband a very clear
concise roadmap to surviving.  Greg had lung cancer and was sent home to
"die"..  He is still very much alive....  There are other books that I can
recommend to you, but this is the most critical for the place that you are

There is not one person alive on earth that can do more today, than to live
their live the best they can..  There is not one person who can guarantee
that they will be alive tomorrow..  Today, there are people who will be
killed in car accidents, shootings, fires.. etc.  Do you know what separates
them from those of us with a disease?  We know that we have another chance
to live today better.  To love more, to give more, to make changes and to
try to make a difference.  We can work towards survival and those who are
taken so quickly, without notice may just have left without ever doing what
they would like to have done and would have done... if they had only known
what we know. Today is the one day that we can rely on.. this minute and in
this minute is eternity.

Please know that doctors have been wrong.  Please know that there have been
exceptional patients that failed to meet the time frames given to their
lives.  Please know that with hope you have a wonderful chance to live and
without it, you will surely die.

When statistics are given they are associated with 100 people.. So if the
statistics quoted are 99% chance of not living over a specified time
frame...  that actually means that one out of 100 will... I chose and now
choose to be the one who will..  There are also miracles.. there are people
who survive in spite of the medical sentences that are given to them... Now,
to me that means that our lives are ultimately in God's hand and if he is
not ready for us, then we will not be called.. no matter what the

I know that your heart is in your throat right now and that the world
doesn't seem real...  It seems as if your husband was so shocked that he
hasn't found his heart yet and that is why he is accepting this sort of
diagnosis at all...  Fear is the first part of the journey..  Freefalling is
the second part, but while you are freefalling, you need to make a quick
decision... do you want to open the parachute or not..

I pray that you both are able to open the parachute and live the lives of
cancering survivors.  I pray that you both will lift your hearts to God and
empty your fears and pain to him.  Go to the mirror and ask yourselves
whether or not you're going to open the chute...I pray your answer is yes..
There is nothing worse than feeling victimized by this disease.. That is
debilitating...  Know that if you make these attitude adjustments and fill
with hope.. there is no telling what good things may befall you.  Know that
the very worse thing would be that you found a whole new world in each and
everyday that you were cancering survivors on the cancering journey...

I wish you had signed your name...Know that I am sending a hug to you both
and if I can help, please call on me.. There are many other wonderful people
here who will want to help too.. May God Bless you, comfort you and guide
you with his infinite wisdom.. Carla
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>Please forgive me if I am not following the protocol.
>I am a wife whose husband was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, stage 4, with
>tumors spread into the brain, two weeks ago.  The news was like the
>falling on my neck and I am very confused. My husband seems to take it
>He had submitted himself to his oncologist and that's it. I feel like we
>should be doing more especially since the oncologist told me that she does
>think that my husband "will make it".  Any survivors out there and any
>from anybody? I am so scared. We have three little children and I am scared
>for them. Thank you. I do not know if I need to sign my name. Please send
me a
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