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Re: [MOL] adenocarcinoma stage 4

Please call 1-800-433-0464 right away to obtain information from the Bloch
Foundation.  They provide many books and material free of charge to those who
have been diagnosed with cancer.  Richard Bloch was diagnosed with lung cancer
back in 1977 and told he only had a few months to live.  He is alive today
because of radical changes and treatment he made in his life.  Be sure to
request they send you "Fighting Cancer" and "Cancer...there's hope".  You may
also go on on-line to  The phone number may be quite
busy.  It normally is.  I too was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 1998.  I
had surgery to remove the tumor and things have turned out better than first
expected.  They classified me a Stage IV due to the fact that prior to
treatment my tumor was inoperable and very large (4.8cm x 4 cm).  My prayers
are with you. 
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