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[MOL] Lillian/ Dee here :)

Hi Lillian,
Well, my hubby makes Jimmy Buff's Hot Dogs which
is so GOOOOD (if you
like hot dogs :) The recipe is:

1 package all beef hot dogs
2 - 3 green peppers (cut in julliene strips)
one large onion (yellow is better than white)
2  medium sized white potatoes peeled and cut into
small chunks

In large fry pan (or electric skillet) add a small
amount of oil and heat
Cook green pepper and onion till tender (not
Add hot dogs and simmer for about twenty minutes
Add potatoes and cook until done (probably about
45 min. or til fork tender)
You can add salt and pepper and Italian spices -
whatever you like

Put on hoagie buns and enjoy - MMMMMMMMMMMMMM -

Have a super - Superbowl Day

Oh yes, my dad wanted me to ask you if there is
any medication that he could take to
relieve his ichy skin from the chemo - it drives
him crazy!!!! The red blotches are still
on his chest - don't know how to solve that
problem either - any ideas?????????????

Hope that your c/p is up and running

ps - sounds like you have a great time when your
family gets together - that is so nice :)

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