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Re: [MOL] Cori: My alternative medicine story

Come on you all,
What gives, now it couldn't be your doing something wrong, could it?  I
haven't been having a bit of problems, unless your just telling me your
getting my stuff, that I've been sending out, and I am on Aol too.  Maybe it's
you phone server in your area's giving you your problem with AOL, if so
contact AOL, you should let them know what problems you've been having anyway.
Love you all,

In a message dated 1/31/99 8:24:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] Cori: My alternative medicine story
 Date:	1/31/99 8:24:13 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Stuart Scott Harth)
 I think it has something to do with AOL - yesterday a friend was sending me a
 couple of pictures she had scanned for me, and it converted them in Eudora or
 something - which came across totally blank to me...she had to resave in a
 bitmap or something formula ...but it was AOL that kept converting her
 file...they must have their own software that messes things up...I still have
 not gotten your file. I do look forward to reading it a lot.  Did you like
 photos ? We had such a good time was a very special visit with the
 boys. Love. C.
 PSerritell@AOL.COM wrote:
 > I have no idea why this is happening.  I sent this one from my AOL access.
 > I'm going to send it to you privately.
 > Maybe that's the reason or maybe it's a little acupuncturist in my puter
 > giving it the NEEDLE.  LOL
 > Love
 > PJ
 > 143

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