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Hi PJ and all,
I just opened PJ's attachment, opened it in Microsoft word, copied it and
pasted it right below her letter, let me know if you all get it OK?
Love you,
 Hi Molers
 I have been trying to send you that story file all day.
 I do it the way I do all my files.  Copy and paste it right here where you
 I think it has to be AOL I can't seem to get it thru.  (it is in word format
 just like the rest of my typings).
 I'm going to make it an attachment.
 I'm so very sorry to make this crazy for each of you.  
 What was that saying again stinko frantico

How I first became familiar with alternative medicine.

Story #1: In 1984 I was rushed to the hospital with severe upper back and
abdominal pain.  I was told to visit a urologist because I had an urinary
tract infection and possibly some kidney problems.
The urologist performed a cystoscope.  He determined that my uretha and
bladder were somehow constricted and the urine was backing up.  I had horrible
pain and was on many antibiotics.  He informed me that it was very very
serious.  If it didn't get resolved with surgery I would have to go on
dialysis.  He wanted to put a PIGS uretha to replace my damaged one.  Well I
was just 20 years old and my dad had died one year earlier and I was frantic
to do something.  Fortunately my boyfriend (now hubby) had extensive and
positive experience with chinese medicine and suggested I try his
acupuncturist before having surgery.  
I visited the dr. one a week for about 4 weeks and he gave me acupuncture.
After about the 4th week I felt terrific.  Shortly thereafter, a senior
student of the acupuncturist performed Chi Gung and Moxibustion on me.   The
results were so outstanding that when I returned to my urologist and he again
performed a cystoscope he couldn't find anything wrong with me.  He asked me
what happenend and I told him what I did and he didn't believe me.  He said
well you probably had a miracle happen. 

Story #2: In 1992 I was trying to conceive unfortunately with no luck.  I
visited many fertility specialists and they could find nothing wrong w/me
except that my mentrual cycle was off a little.  Well for 3 years to follow I
just couldn't get pregnant.  In 1995 I visited a chinse herbalist/acpuncturist
who lived closer by and he gave me 4 bags of chinese herbs.  After the 2nd bag
I was pregnant.

Story #3: In 1998 mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and give 2 months the
most.  God was by my sid when I found her herbalist/acupuncturist in Florida
and the rest you know.

Story #4:  The one that really started it all.
My husband Rob was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1976.  After 3 years of
western medicine monitoring of his condition matters took a severe turn for
the worst.  Luckily for him, he got introduced to the wonderful world of
chinese medicine. Today he is fully cured and he attributes this success
entirely on acupuncture and chinese herbs.


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