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Re: [MOL] adenocarcinoma stage 4

Hi ..
I am really sorry to hear about your husband.  I have no experience with adenocarcinoma, however since I was also told that I would not make it, and that all I could do was go home and wait to die, I can readily identify with your fear and pain.  Your husband's reaction I think has more to do with being in shock, or numb to the reality of his situation, rather than "taking it easy".  He is probably feeling a great deal inside, and in ways probably trying to shield you from the pain and fear by being nonchalant  himself. A terminal diagnosis is devastating...facing one's own mortality in such an unexpected way, very shocking and can be shattering. But do not give up hope ever...It's been two years since I was diagnosed, 4 since I started attempting to find out what was wrong, even though all the doctors kept saying there was nothing wrong...I have respect for doctors, but my perspective on them has changed drastically..medicine is much more an art than a science, and they spend a lot of time ruling out things to come up with a diagnosis, than actually diagnosing.  I had one top notch lung specialist tell me 4 years ago that despite a pathology report indicating a malignancy in my lung, I did not "look" like I had cancer. I kept insisting that I felt something growing inside my chest - I was right..they found IT (a very deadly rare cancer) when they operated on me finally after 2 years !!! Well looks can be very deceiving...I still do no"look" like I have cancer - ask PJ, another Moler...she has my picture.....doctors are very fallible, and certainly they are not God.(though many seem to take on that role!!!).  Only God knows how long someone has to live....certainly not the doctors.  I am convinced I am alive today because of my deep faith, my positive attitude, and all the alternative (many would call it quackery) stuff I have done - top of the list, mega-juicing.....My heartfelt advice to you would be to research, get 2nd opinions, 3rd opinions, ask questions, become informed and DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE.  I am sure there are many Molers out there whose expertise on cancer can be of much help to you both.  You have my prayers. If I can be of any help, please let me know. Love. Cori.

Kismuso@AOL.COM wrote:


Please forgive me if I am not following the protocol.

I am a wife whose husband was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, stage 4, with two
tumors spread into the brain, two weeks ago.  The news was like the guillotine
falling on my neck and I am very confused. My husband seems to take it easy.
He had submitted himself to his oncologist and that's it. I feel like we
should be doing more especially since the oncologist told me that she does not
think that my husband "will make it".  Any survivors out there and any advice
from anybody? I am so scared. We have three little children and I am scared
for them. Thank you. I do not know if I need to sign my name. Please send me a
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