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Re: [MOL] my file

PJ:  When I opened your file all I got was the boxes and other marks that
are on for a program.  Sorry, could not read file.  Your friend, lillian

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From: PSerritell@AOL.COM <PSerritell@AOL.COM>
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Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 10:59 AM
Subject: [MOL] my file

>Hi Molers
>I have been trying to send you that story file all day.
>I do it the way I do all my files.  Copy and paste it right here where you
>I think it has to be AOL I can't seem to get it thru.  (it is in word
>just like the rest of my typings).
>I'm going to make it an attachment.
>I'm so very sorry to make this crazy for each of you.
>What was that saying again stinko frantico

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