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[MOL] To Liz

Dear Liz,

Thank you dear lady. I do deeply appreciate. I must confess, however,
there are so many new wonderful souls here who are either in neeed or
providing blessed contributions or doing  both that I can't seem to be
able to introduce myself or help them or support them as I just don't
seem to have the time to do that and I feel helpless. I can only hope in
my little mundane way that the contributions that I do offer may help
some. I am sad when I can't respond to newbies that log on here and
there are some that have been here for a while that I just can't seem to
connect with and that saddens me, because I know I could be of some
support to them individually during their requests and needs, but I
can't seem to answer all the requests and concerns. That saddens me, but
I honestly try to do the best I can, as you do. Thank you dear heart. I
will this coming week start a recipe of the day here, primarily
nutritious stuff and hopefully others will contribute their nutrtious
recipes as well.

God Bless
marty auslander

Elizabeth Patterson wrote:
> Thanks Marty,
> So far today has gone better. I spent the morning doing a read thru' for
> "Murder at the Center" an annual dinner theater event sponsored by Zonta as
> a fund raiser for all they things they help fund. I believe this will be
> the twelveth year of doing this for me. I have been in them all.
> It is so good to see you back on line. You always have so much to offer
> those in need of help and information. I am glad to hear that Barb is doing
> well. I hope you enjoyed your trip. We missed you.
> Liz
> >Dear Liz,
> >
> >HOpe and pray that Saturday will be more than a happy and peaceful day
> >that overcomes the frustrations and aggravations of your Friday. So glad
> >in life that there are more peaceful and happy days than the Friday you
> >experienced.
> >
> >God Bless
> >marty
> >
> >Elizabeth Patterson wrote:
> >>
> >> Hi All,
> >>
> >> You all tell stories of your frustrating days. Well, today I had a really
> >> frustrating one.
> >>
> >> When I left my house to go to work I found that either someone had been in
> >> my garage and left my car door open or I had mistakenly left it open last
> >> night when I got home from work. Regardless of how it happened, my battery
> >> was dead. Well, I  woke Jeff, my son, and told him I needed his help. He
> >> came out and put the quick charge battery starter on it, but it would not
> >> respond.
> >>
> >> Well, I had an alternative. I would drive my big herkin van which I hate to
> >> drive. (GMC full sized). So I got to work okay, but when I got in the van
> >> at noon to come home for lunch, I found I had left the lights on and I had
> >> a dead battery. I had to go find someone to give me a jump start, but it
> >> didn't work so the person brought me home for lunch and so I could get my
> >> other car which had been on the charger all morning. My son went back with
> >> me to work and helped me get the van started so he could drive it home but
> >> I had lost about an hour at work which I ended up making up by staying
> >> late. So, I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I would like to sit and put my feet
> >> up, but I can't. I have to take my son to work and pick him up about 10. I
> >> hate car trouble.
> >>
> >> Liz
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