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Re: [MOL] Nanc/back to Lil!

Hi Sister Lil,
Well, My eyes are giving me trouble, the one that was done first, is turning
black and blue in the corner by the nose, and the other is just watering like
crazy, so I guess I'll call the Doc. on Monday.  Blood pressure yesterday at
rest was 174/90, last Tues. about the same, so when I go to the family Doctor
on the 8th. I'm sure he'll be putting me on medication for that, darn.  Mother
is doing fine.  I think she is in better health then Don or me.  LOL, who
would have thought that 5 years ago.  My friends Sister and I went out for
lunch today and we went to the Motel tonight to hug her good bye, she'll be
back this summer for her School class reunion.  Don, he is having problems
with his left eye, it is all swollen up and red, was on antibiotics for a
week, didn't help, 4 days on the drops he took while on chemo, no help, so
goes to the eye doctor MD on Tuesday to see what is going on with that.  I
always get scared that the cancer is kicking up.  It'll be a year since dx'd
on March 24th.  Les started out about the same as Don.  Sure doesn't look to
good for him, I talked to Peg twice in the past week.  Now!  When are you
going to fess up as to what is going on with you?  I'm waiting sweet Sis.  I'm
going out of town tomorrow afternoon and will be back Monday afternoon.  I'm
going to be with my x sister in law while she has her heart cath, it's her
first and she is afraid and asked me to be there.  We can see our ground
again, snow is still aroun in the piles from the snow plow.  It's still a bit
chilly though.
Love you Sis and thanks for asking,

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 Just poped in to say a quick hi to you and wanted to know how your eyes are
doing, how your poor heart is doing, Don and your mother.  Love ya, lil

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