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Re: [MOL] Hate this dreadful disease.(Donna)

In a message dated 1/30/99 5:45:01 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> .I feel like a loser,that deserves to die.I have very little hope,and I
spend most of my time in my office at home on the computer.I seldom venture
out of the house and I waste every day in self pity rather then enjoying
everyday with my family.I guess
I just lost my will to fight.

Oh Frank!  Your note breaks my heart.  How could a man who has fought both
Viet Nam and cancer ever be a LOSER????  I'm sure there were times in Nam when
you didn't think you would ever see another sunrise, am I wrong?  But you did,
probably against some really big odds I would think.  My father too survived
some damned close calls in WWII.  One man lives, another doesn't.  There is a
reason, Frank.  We have no choices in this respect, but we can live while we
are still alive!

Allow yourself the self pity you need for now, you deserve it!  Indulge to the
max, but set a limit, 1 day, 2, 3 and then not another minute!  Think of all
the time cancer has already stolen from your happiness and time; don't GIVE it
any more.  I am praying for you, Frank.
Chris R.
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