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Oh Frank what can I say?  I think Cori's e-mail said quite a bit. DON"T QUIT!
I know how you feel.  Believe me.  I had part of my right lung and a chest
wall resection in October.  I did well up until that point.  After the surgery
depression set in. I felt just like you are feeling now.  Everybody kept
telling me how thankful I should be on Thanksgiving and I kept thinking,
thankful for what? For getting Cancer? It was an awful year.  Why should I be
thankful.  But you know, time passed, and I kept pushing on. I finally
grieved, I screamed, I got pissed and damn it I felt sorry for myself.  And
then a funny thing happened.  After I got out all those stored up emotions and
grieved for the lost of my old life, I realized I had a new life.  And you
know, those people were right.  I should be thankful.  I have a wonderful
family, good friends and I've lived a pretty good life.  Then and now! Don't
ever give up hope Frank.  You mention your family.  Just look at them and you
will realize life is unfolding just the way God meant it to.  

My best friend has breast cancer.  She had a lumpectomy 3 years ago.  It
spread to her liver in November 1997.  The doctors told her even with chemo
she had about 6 months to a year.  They didn't even want to do surgery because
they thought in addition to the one tumor there were probally more that
weren't showing up.  She went to another doctor who performed the surgery
(even though he really did not want to either).  Once they went in, it looked
better than they thought.  They were able to remove part of her liver.  She's
alive and kicking up a storm.  Well over a year now.  

Hang in there Frank.  donna       
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