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[MOL] Lillian/Dee

Dear Lillian,
I hope that your c/p is still running on course
and not crashed again :)
My daughter is attending private women's college
and loving it!!! Alot of
sisters and no worry about what to wear to class
each day - sweats are the
fashion statement - must be nice, huh???

I am getting ready to go eat a delicious dinner
that my hubby is making - I think that
it will taste especially good since I didn't have
to cook it  :)

I just got back from seeing "Stepmom"; it was very
good but very sad - cancer is
part of the story which hits home to personally as
I am sure you can understand!!!

Hope that your day went well and enjoy Superbowl
Sunday - we are invited to
some dear friends for a small party!!!!!


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