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NOW YOU CAN					  
Work in your spare time and have			 
paychecks delivered right to your mailbox.		 	

Dear Friend, 

     A nice pay check made out in your name could be delivered right to your mailbox every week.
Companies all over America are eager to start paying you. By doing pleasant work at home, you can get checks from one, two, or even several companies at once. Just write to the sources I give you and start cashing in. 

     My name is James Butterfield. I investigate companies that offer ways for people to make money at home. Let me help you avoid worthless offers and take advantage of real home income opportunities. There is no reason to be short of money when so many good companies are looking for more home workers. 

                                                  COMPANIES THAT REALLY DO
                                                 PAY YOU TO STUFF ENVELOPES
     Let me talk about stuffing envelopes first because there is so much confusing information about this appealing work. It really does exist. But it is not what you get when you pay for most programs that advertise envelope stuffing. 

     With real envelope stuffing, you do not pay any fee or buy any materials to get started.  And you definitely do not have to place any ads or pin up bulletin board notices.

     Judith Riley is a good example to show exactly how it works. A driver delivers all of the materials right to her door. Everything is supplied free by the company- and that includes postage stamps. She has to insert letters and brochures into envelopes, put on mailing labels and postage stamps, and seal them. A driver then takes them to the post office. 

    Judy is paid for each envelope completed. It does not depend on the company getting orders or
anything like that. She gets paid each week for all of the envelopes completed that week. The more
envelopes she does, the more she gets paid. 

                             Judy says, "I really like this work because it allows me to
                             stay home and take care of my kids. They even enjoy
                             pitching in. It's easy enough to do while watching television."

     Work like this is available locally in all parts of the country. If you would like to try it, just follow the
directions in Part One of my Home Earnings Directory. I guarantee you will not have to pay any fee. 

                                                  COMPANIES THAT PAY YOU
                                                   TO ASSEMBLE PRODUCTS

     Some companies will pay you to sew or assemble products. They supply the materials, and you do
the work. Then you send the completed products back to the company, and they pay you the agreed amount. 

     You do not have to go out and sell any products yourself. Step-by-step instructions tell you exactly
what to do to get paid. Each company pays up to hundreds of dollars a week, and you can work with as many companies as you want. Here are some examples:

                             Sew pot holders  Make dolls  Clean mohair  Make hair bows 
                             Assemble stuffed animals  Make dollhouse miniatures  Sew baby
                              bibs  Assemble beaded jewelry  Make placemats  Sew duffel bags 
                             Assemble picture frames  Sew baby bonnets  Make wooden toys 

     These companies do not require any special experience or education. They do not ask you your age, sex, or marital status. And it's fine with them wherever you live as long as it can be reached by the U.S. Postal service and UPS. 

     Remember: there is no selling involved. They send you the materials; you send back the completed products and get paid. The more you do, the more money you make. It's as simple as that.

                                                  PICK WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO

     From the many firms that offer opportunities to earn money at home, I have selected over 200 for
Part Two of my book. Each listing includes the name and address and the type of opportunity offered. 

     My book does not list any multi-level marketing or anything that requires special training. A few of the opportunities involve simple skills such as sewing or decorative painting. Most need no special skills at all. And no previous experience is ever required. 

     I update my directory regularly to bring you the latest listings of companies with current openings.
Plenty of extra listings are included to make up for the few that may expire before you apply.

     You can be an independent home worker for as many companies as you like. Some people regularly receive checks from several companies. Yet you never have to meet any quota or do any more work than you want. It's entirely up to you.

     I suggest you start with at least one or two companies that appeal to you the most. Once you see that money coming in, you will probably want to earn even more. It really can be fun. 

                                                  SOLID NO-NONSENSE
                                              MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

     The "Butterfield Home Earnings Directory" costs only $25.00 plus $3.00 for postage and handling.
Just because the price is low, don't think that I skimped on research. Companies charge as much as
$39.95 for directories with far fewer listings. I know because I buy them just to make sure I don't miss any good openings.

     You don't have to take my word for it. You be the judge. The sale isn't final until you tell me you are satisfied. When you get the book, look over the many wonderful opportunities. Write to the companies you like and see how quickly you can start to earn pay checks while you're at home watching television.  Work when you feel like working. Rest whenever you want. It really can be that easy. I guarantee it. 

     If it's not exactly like I say, or if you are not satisfied for any reason, just return the complete book
within 60 days for a full refund of your $25.00. No questions asked! You do not have to prove that you stuffed any envelopes or tried anything. All you have to do is return the book intact to get your refund.  That's okay if it's dirty or bent from use. My main concern is that you are happy. 

                                                       EXCITING BONUSES

     To make doubly sure you are delighted with my book, I will include three exciting bonuses that
introduce you to my favorite programs.   Similar programs from other companies could easily cost much more than the price of my book for just one of them- and it probably wouldn't be as good. Each one of these programs is the best of its kind.  There are none better at any price. As one of my satisfied customers, you can get all three absolutely free!

Envelopes come to you already addressed and stamped. You pay no fee whatsoever, and you can do as many as you want each week when you follow these easy instructions. Just send in the special form you receive in the book. 

BONUS #2: GET PAID UP TO $1,440.00 EACH WEEK for mailing circulars. Receive checks directly from a reliable company that has paid mailers over one million dollars. Commission checks up to $1,440.00 are mailed every Friday. Use the special form in my book, and you can join this easy program absolutely free.

BONUS #3: MAKE UP TO $7,600.00 each time you mail two special letters. Nothing else makes money so fast. Mail one letter to business "A" and the second one to business "B". Return the special form in my book, and I'll reveal my confidential sources for this clever strategy. I'll tell you what to write and who to send the letters to. It really does work, and it is completely legal and ethical. Best of all, you can do it every month and keep right on collecting the money.

Pay checks from many sources can soon be on their way to your mail box. The first step is to get my
book and contact the companies you like best. Complete the handy order form and mail it so you can get started.        

James Butterfield

P.S. I recommend that you take advantage of the bonuses right away.  I was surprised by how well they worked for me.  Just follow the directions.  See how easy it is to make all the money you need.  

Just complete this form, enclose with check, and mail:
--------------------------------------------- CUT HERE --------------------------------------------------
( ) Yes, I want to get paid at home. Please rush "The Butterfield       
       Home Earnings Directory" to me by first class mail under        
      your solid money-back guarantee. Enclosed is $28.00.* 
      (California customers must add $2.00 for tax. $30.00 total. *)                             

Name _________________________________________________ 

Address _______________________________________________                            

City, State, Zip __________________________________________  
* Make money order 
  or check payable to:	      G L A 
			P.O. Box 1705  
		       La Mesa, CA 91944-1705     
Your E-Mail Address here:   _________________@_____________  
(For Customer follow up)
--------------------------------------------- CUT HERE --------------------------------------------------

OR >>>  For your convenience, you can Fax everything as follows:  

1.  Print and fill out form #B2246 above but, Do Not Cut Out this time.
2.  Write out your check and tape it in the space below. Check codes & numbers must be seen.	
3.  Fax form #B2246 above, with check taped below, to:  619-469-8383

(This attached check and signature authorizes "GLA" to withdraw only the check 
amount from my bank for the "Butterfield Home Earnings Directory".  
Confirmation will be on my bank statement).  

		                 TAPE YOUR CHECK HERE

		Fax FORM B2246 and YOUR CHECK to (619) 469-8383
			  [Fax 9am-9pm (PST)-every day!]

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