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Re: [MOL] Hate this dreadful disease.


It is a shame that we have t push for medical treatment.  I go every 3 months
for full body scans.  I think that is the norm.  I know several people on MOL
have mentioned PET scans.  But I am not familiar with them.  I can understand
your anger at this insidious disease.  I think we have all felt this anger.
On the other hand I appreciate the chance to look at life the way I do now.  I
do more with my kids.  I say my mind more now to people.  I realize the time I
have wasted.  I don't want to waste anymore time.  I just got back from the
museum with my kids.  I'm planning atrip to Disney World next month (it will
be the first time my kids have been there).  I had put it off for years.  I
have also come to really love myself.  Something I don't think I did in the
past.  I have impressed myself with how well I have weathered this storm.
There's quiet right now and only God knows if the storm will return.  But this
girl is ready to really live her life.  Better than before.  And yes, there is
always hope.  It is what pulled me through and it can pull you through.  Never
give it up! take care. donna 
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