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[MOL] High-Dose Beta-Carotene Linked To Lung Metaplasia In Ferrets

Good Morning My FRiends,

Some day these treatments and therapies will work better in humans than
mice and ferrets. I pray for that. The following may be of some
interest. Oh, by the way we juice about one pint a day each for Barb and
I containing carrots which is the basis of Vitamin A, enzymes. Just
thought I would throw that in which contains Beta-carotene.

God Bless
marty auslander

WESTPORT, Jan 06 (Reuters Health) - Ferrets fed high doses of
beta-carotene display premalignant changes in lung tissue,
according to a report in the January 6th issue of the Journal of
the National Cancer Institute.  Lung damage was most pronounced
in those ferrets exposed to both high-dose beta carotene and
tobacco smoke, the researchers conclude.  Dr.  Xiang-Dong Wang
and colleagues at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts,
studied ferrets exposed for 6 months to low- or high-dose beta-
carotene and/or tobacco smoke.  The researchers chose to work
with ferrets because the animal "...mimics the absorption and
tissue metabolism of beta-carotene in humans."  Ferrets in the
high-dose beta-carotene group received supplementation
"...equivalent to an intake of 30 mg of beta-carotene per day in
a 70-kg human," according to the authors.
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