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Re: [MOL] Pain Relief Info.

Dear Lil,

Great information. Thank you dear lady.

God Bless

> firefly wrote:
> Cancer-Related Pain a PENS Away?
> A recent report concludes that an electrical nerve stimulation
> technique may be useful in the treatment of cancer patients in which
> the disease has spread to the bones. Researchers at the University of
> Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas say the technique, known
> as percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (PENS), involves the
> insertion of needles into tissue surrounding cancer-affected bones and
> then passing a small electric current through the needles to stimulate
> local nerves. Trials of the technique in three cancer patients are
> reported to have resulted in significant alleviation of pain for 2-3
> days in two patients. Authors say the findings suggest that PENS can
> be useful in the treatment of cancer-related pain in combination with
> analgesic drugs. The report is in The Clinical Journal of Pain
> (1998;14:320-323).
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