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[MOL] Digital Recorder/Player

Here is an awesome high-tech gadget for you. A digital tape recorder/player
that can record up to 1 hour w/out a tape! -- The Listen Up Player --
It's a full-featured digital recorder/player (not one of those wimpy 10 minute
memo recorders)It can do everything a micro cassette recorder can do PLUS it
comes with a FREE Windows PC docking station and cables so you can download
audio files from the Audio Highway web site http://www.audiohighway.com
and take them with you. Keep reading and we'll show you how to use your new
Listen Up Player to get FREE MUSIC, AUDIO BOOKS, NEWS and more right from the

Follow this link for full details on the Listen Up Player:

The Listen Up Recorder/Player Features:
-  THREE "FOLDERS" to organize audio titles
-  LCD DISPLAY shows titles and folders
-  12MB of memory for up to ONE HOUR of high-quality audio recording
-  CONTROLS for fast-forward, stop and reverse.
-  RECORD BUTTON lets you record memos and messages
-  DOCKING STATION lets you connect the player to your PC
-  STANDARD HEADPHONE JACK lets you listen while exercising or relaxing
-  POWERED BY 2 AAA BATTERIES delivering up to two weeks of constant use!
-  CARRYING CASE protects your player
-  FREE connectivity to the Audio Highway web site http://www.audiohighway.com
All for only $79.95

Click below to order your very own Digital Recorder/Player:

Use The Listen Up Player To Get FREE Music-Audio Books-News
With your new Listen Up player and it's PC Docking Station you can get FREE
audio from www.audiohighway.com and take it with you. The Audio Highway site has
THOUSANDS OF AUDIO SELECTIONS to choose from. The content on the site is
continually updated and the selection grows daily! Youíll probably take much
longer to choose your content than you will to get it on your player. Here is
a sample of audio on the site right now:
-  LIVE AUDIO: Real-time audio updates via satellite and digital lines,
   including up-to-the-minute business and world news, financials and sports.
-  AUDIOCAST: Three top news shows from one of the most respected news
   organizations in the country.  Listen to in-depth news, interviews, analysis
   and commentary.
-  MUSIC: Jazz, world music, rock, pop, classical, country -- itís all at
   Audio Highway. Your old favorites are here, plus hot new bands that youíll be
   hard-pressed to find on the radio!
-  AUDIO BOOKS: Download an entire book FREE!  Penguin Audiobooks, Compact
   Classics (including titles like "Huckleberry Finn" and "Lord of the Flies"),
   business, philosophy, economics, history and so much more!
-  ENTERTAINMENT: Old-Time Radio, CyberSleuths and comedy selections.
   Remember "The Lone Ranger" on the radio? How about "Abbott and Costello"?
   Take a step back in time with Old-Time Radio or check out whatís current with
   New Dimensions Radio or New Video Releases.

Check out all that Audio Highway has to offer:

Limited Quantity - Limited Time
We expect a big demand for this unit, and we only have so many available...
So you better get your order in RIGHT NOW buy clicking the link below:

Our Thanks,



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